The ability to negotiate effectively in a wide range of business contexts, including deal-making, employment discussions, corporate team building, labor/management talks, contracts, and handling dispute negotiating is a part of everyday life, but in business, it's absolutely critical to your success.

For us being a good negotiator is a basic skill in each one of our lawyers, but only a few of them were able to improve that skill to be the main professional career is to close any deal, and now they are our main department in every business case.

Our negotiation department gets ready for any negotiation through 3 steps: 1. Know our bargaining position.

In every negotiation, someone is in a stronger position and someone is in a weaker position. Where are we? In any negotiation, the side that needs the deal more is the side that gives up the most, precisely because they need the deal and can't afford to have the other sidewalk away from the table.

2. Know how the other side perceives its position.

It isn't enough to know what your real bargaining position is. You also have to consider how each side perceives its position. As any poker player knows, sometimes a mediocre hand can be a winning hand if it's played properly. If your negotiating position isn't great but you see the other side is worried about losing the deal, you can't go wrong by coming on strong and playing to the other side's fears.

3. Assess your bargaining style.

We choose the best bargaining style we put our strategy and we get what we look for, good negotiations contribute significantly to business success and leaves each party satisfied and ready to do business with each other again

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