Divorce is the primary service we provide at Campbell Family Law Firm. In conjunction with obtaining your divorce for you, we also will determine spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation, restraining orders and whatever other issues apply to your case.

We also modify prior orders if you already have been divorced.

We do easy divorces when the parties basically agree, and we do complicated divorces when the there's a disagreement between the two parties.

The decision of the divorce normally comes down to the costs of the divorce.

If you are uncertain about your next movement, we can ensure you that we have the capabilities and understanding to help you choose the correct move This may include mediation, where you and your partner can come to an understanding of the steps which need to be taken, or the use of the collaborative law process.

When we see potential for this, we do everything in our power to head that off and we make sure the court understands the dynamics in play.

We can’t guarantee a smooth divorce, but it’s our experience that our clients simply do better when agreements can be reached and things are kept on an even keel.

Ultimately, if you and your ex can’t agree to a solution, you’ll have a divorce trial and a judge will decide the terms of your divorce for you – and it may not be what either spouse was hoping for.

Islamic divorce(Divorce by khula)The most common way to get a divorce in United Kingdom now is under the Islamic divorce by Khula.

This takes us back to the old times, which makes the decisions in divorce much easier and fairer.

The wife must request a divorce by Khula and convince the judge that she doesn't want to do anything with her husband.

Normally, the divorce will be decided under the Islamic law by a civil judge in the family court.

That's back to the easy timing and procedures first, you should know that the Divorce will be decided under Islamic law by a civil judge in the family court.

Lastly, a divorce in United Kingdom will also be accepted as an international divorce in the rest of the world.

Divorce Mediation The experienced divorce lawyers at Campbell Family Law Firm will expertly guide you through complex asset division, business valuations, spousal support, and alimony issues.

The staff at Campbell Family Law Firm is caring and understanding and the attorneys are highly efficient.

Often the route to a successful conclusion is practical skilled and through negotiation. On some occasions, urgent preemptive court action must be taken.

In such circumstances, we act swiftly and decisively using the court process to secure the best possible result.

Collaborative DivorceCollaborative divorce is a new way of divorce. It is when working together with a professional in order to resolve their disputes and do not have to go through court and its costs.

It is not simply negotiating a deal! During the collaborative process, each party has the support, protection and guidance of his/her own lawyer, but the lawyers, clients and other trained professionals work together as a team.

Other trained professionals may also be involved in the process if the couple would not mind them join.

Other professionals available to the couple include specially trained financial specialists, divorce coaches, and child specialists.

In the collaborative process, the lawyers, clients, and other professionals join the teamwork to help the couple focus on their most important goals, and all agree to do so without engaging in the litigation process.

Campbell Family Law Firm is dedicated to practicing family law in all United Kingdom, and is able to provide clients with knowledgeable help and sound advice.

Campbell divorce lawyers and child custody attorneys at Campbell Family Law Firm are especially dedicated to their clients.

The paralegals and support staff are also dedicated to providing you with the attention and service you deserve during this difficult time.

A typical divorce takes between 4 and 9 months.

Much depends on whether or not your spouse responds quickly when he or she receives your petition.

There is just one ground for divorce - an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. However, you have to prove irretrievable breakdown and it's our work.

You need to prove that you have made serious efforts to find your spouse such as contacting members of their family or asking their friends or their place of work. If you really cannot find out an address for your spouse, we can apply to the court for an application to dismiss with service of the petition.

You can contact the relevant registry office or church office providing them with the parties' names and date of marriage. They will provide you with the original marriage certificate for a fee.

Alternatively, we can obtain a copy for you.

In this case the marriage certificate needs to be translated into Arabic by a qualified translator who would then have it sworn. We then lodge the original marriage certificate with the Court alongside the translation and the translator's sworn statement.

Do I have to agree with all arrangements for the children before divorce proceedings?

No, you do not - but it is a good idea to do so. If you ignore the financial issues and remarry, you may lose the right to have the matrimonial financial affairs reviewed by the Court. Many people do not realize that your former spouse can make a claim against your estate after you die.

There are special rules, and a claim will not succeed in every case, but it is wise to get an agreement on finances

As with financial issues, you do not have to agree everything regarding the children, but it would be a good idea to do so.

To get your divorce, you have to show that the arrangements for the children are satisfied or the best that can be devised in the circumstances.

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