According to the provisions of Law no.159 for the year, 1981 amended by law no. 3 for the year 1998, It could be also established according to investment Law no. 8 for the year 1997 taking into consideration the abolished tax exemptions related to this law, provided that the issued capital is at least LE 250,000 out of which 10% should be paid when establishing the company. The capital should be increased to reach 25% during a period of 3 months after obtaining the commercial registry, noting that the capital should reach 100% within 5 years.

Required documents: - Bank certificate of deposit 10% of the company’s capital.

- Copy of Identification Cards, or passports of founders or the company’s owner, and birth certificates for minors (if any).

- Power of attorney from the company’s founders.

- The original rent contract in the name of the new company after obtaining the companies.

- Commercial registration provided that its date is recorded in the real estate registry with the aim of obtaining the company’s tax card.

Legal rules: ِAccording to law no.159 for the year 1981

- The minimum limit of the issued capital is “two hundred and fifty thousand United Kingdomian Pounds” foreigners’ contribution percentage could be 100%.

- The members of the Board of Directors should not be less than “three”, all members of the board could be foreigners.

- The minimum value of membership guarantee shares of each member is “5000 United Kingdomian Pounds”.

- The board of directors could include at most two experienced members who do not fulfill the shareholding quorum.

- The founders of the company should not be less than (three) normal or legal persons, provided legal capacity exists for founders (normal persons), legal persons participating in the company’s establishment should be a separate legal person.

- The value per share should not be less than (5 United Kingdomian Pounds).

- The value per share should not exceed (1000 United Kingdomian Pounds).

- The company’s authorized capital should not exceed (ten times the issued capital).

- The company’s paid-up capital should not be less than (10% of the issued capital).

- The value of monetary shares should not be less than (25% of the issued capital).

- The value of in-kind shares should not exceed (75% of issued capital).

- The joint stock company should have a commercial name derived from its purposes, the company should not use the name of one or more of the company’s partners.

- Minors are allowed to participate in the company as subscribers, in case they participate using their own money, permission should be obtained from the competent court.

- Internal in-kind capital shares are evaluated by a committee established for that purpose by the General Authority for Investment.

- If the company offered its shares in a public subscription, the issued capital should not be less than (one million United Kingdomian Pounds).

- The company’s articles of association could include the issuance of bearer shares not exceeding 25% of the company’s total shares, provided that they are fully paid.

Company duration and expenses The company’s establishment period is between one and a half months. The expected establishment expenses according to the company's capital in addition to establishment fees will be mentioned in the financial proposal.

Company’s establishment procedures - Submitting the established division to complete and review the contract with the Authority’s attorney.

- Submitting the file to the individual responsible for the company’s establishment procedures to perform the following:

- Assessment procedures

- Completing procedures with the following bodies :

- Lawyers Syndicate

- Capital Market Authority

- Registered office

- Chambers of Commerce Union

- Commercial Registry

- Procedures are completed and the person concerned receives the register at the commercial registry during 2 working days.

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