Our direct focus and philosophy are to establish a long-term relationship with our clients, understand fully the nature of each clients’ business and the market in which the client operates to assist and resolve legal and commercial problems encountered by our clients to add significant value to our client's business.

For companies, organizations Institutions, and Development Agencies, we provide legal consulting services, including legislative drafting (of new laws and reforms), in the following areas. We work towards making laws effective and efficiency-oriented.

Particularly in the following areas.

Merger and/or acquisition strategy.

Partnership succession and exit planning strategies.

Performance management of all staff.

Options for the negotiation and financing of the annual PII renewal.

Legal Research and Analysis.

Subject matter research.

Statutory and Case law research.

Compliance regulations research.

Court docket sheet research and analysis.

Law-and-Economics Research.

Economic analysis of law for litigation.

Economic analysis of legal issues affecting businesses.

Developing law-and-economics arguments to support lobbying for new legislation.

Intellectual Property.

Prior art search in Patent applications.

Preparation of Patent, Trademark, and Servicemark applications.

Intellectual property assignment agreements.

Regulatory Compliance.

Preparation of reports to regulatory agencies.

Legal Document Review.

Contracts and other legal documents review.

Legal Drafting.

Contracts covering a comprehensive range of agreements.

Licenses, Memoranda, and Briefs.

Contract Life-cycle Management.

As our global economy expands, organizations operate under increasingly complex legal and regulatory mandates which inevitably lead to high-stakes disputes. With demands on the chief legal officer and corporate legal department evolving rapidly, companies need an agile partner to help navigate challenging issues.

Campbell Esq. Ltd has a specialized team of selectively recruited professionals with decades of experience in all areas of legal operations, technology, and risk mitigation. This team helps clients improve their legal management strategies and allows them to successfully negotiate today's challenges, no matter how complex or demanding.

Campbell Esq. Ltd has grown and established itself in the market as a competent legal services provider, We are in the unique position of being able to offer a comprehensive legal service to corporate clients and several of them have proceeded to outsource their in-house legal department to Campbell Esq. Ltd Legal Services. We are also in the position when required, to establish a manned office on-site for the client, thereby ensuring immediate and continuous availability of and accessibility to our team of professionals.

At Campbell Esq. Ltd, we are committed to working hand-in-hand with our clients in making optimal legal solutions. We are well-equipped with multidisciplinary expertise, capacity, and infrastructure that enable us to produce high-quality results with accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

We provide legal process outsourcing (LPO) and legal services-based knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) solutions to a global corporate clientele. By resourcing a range of high-end legal services, we facilitate our clients to concentrate more on the core functions of their businesses, while assuring productivity gains.

Our Approach

Campbell Esq. Ltd has several various ways of communication to suit our clients' needs and make it more comfortable for them.


We would like to ease the communication between our firm and our client. Direct access with all communication tools ( via phone - internet - mobile fax and mail )

* Campbell Esq. Ltd CEO, for direct communication between our client and the firm.

* in house representative lawyers, representing Campbell Esq. Ltd according to the client need

* Case officer, for direct communication between our client clients and the firm as a legal administration for the client.

High-Quality Service

with many quality control processes, and legal teams at the highest level of competence and experience we make sure our services reach the highest level of quality.

Please review our  quality control page

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